Imbolc Festival, Cornwall
Februray 1st – February 3rd

The Celtic Festival of Imbolc embraces the celebration of the first light of spring. It marks the lessening of winter and the coming of new life into the New Year.

The principal of this retreat is to emerge from the darkness and struggle of winter with new inspirations for the coming year.

When we are touched by nature, we are lifted out of time beyond our everyday lives to a place of inner stillness, and oneness with life. The more we allow the beauty of nature and acts of natural goodness to touch our hearts, the more deeply we celebrate our natural spiritual connection to life.

Spirituality is not a religion it is a daily practice and a natural part of our way of being and living. At this time of year, the Imbolc retreat introduces us to the deeper and darker aspects of our personality and who we really are and help us reclaim the authority and strength that is within us. The dark mother is the guardian of this time of year as we come out of the deep dark winter into the early stirrings of spring deep within the earth.

Experiencing deep heartfelt connections to the Earth will bring us closer to understanding ourselves and trusting our intuition. To be able to live in harmony with our environment means that we must learn to be harmonious and in loving-kindness with ourselves. This means that we must search down into the deeper roots of who we are and reclaim those powers and strengths that we have forgotten and let them return – re-emerge rediscover those elements of ourselves.

Every year we run a retreat at the end of January beginning of February to honour the Earth Mother and to feed us the right empowerment and strength for the coming year.