Mending Your Family’s Tapestry

With the Co-Founder of Soul Rescuers &
Co-Author of Ancestral Healing Made Easy
Natalia O’Sullivan

New 7-Week Live Video Training Starts
Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Call in and connect with your mother and father lines — and learn how to receive any messages and healing they may have for you.

Transform negative familial patterns into a new legacy of love, happiness, and healing now and for future generations.

How are the unhealed issues of your lineage influencing your life?

Modern science contends that our ancestors’ pain and problematic physical, mental, and emotional patterns can live on for generations in our DNA.

Holistic healer and spiritual counselor Natalia O’Sullivan teaches that ancestral wisdom and healing can as well.

In fact, you may be the ancestor who can heal and bless the wounds of past, present, and future generations…

… because you have the inherent ability to reweave the tapestry of your family legacy into something magnificent.

During this empowering course with Natalia, you’ll learn how to receive messages and healing from your mother and father lines to illuminate and transform the ancestral shadows that are impeding your personal evolution and wellbeing. 

You’ll dive deep into the obstructive patterns you’ve inherited and clarify the pathway to liberate yourself from them… and uncover the latent gifts that your mother and father lines hold.

You’ll discover powerful rituals, ceremonies, meditations, and intuitive practices for communicating with and honoring your ancestors… and learn how to lay out your family tree and build a family altar to remember your loved ones.

In the process, you’ll turn a trail of sorrows into a legacy of happiness and healing as you become the wise and powerful ancestral healer to future generations.

Natalia teaches that all of our conscious and subconscious patterns form the basis of our ancestral inheritance and legacy — that which we genetically received and were programmed to be, and that which we pass on.

Hidden among your inheritance, you’ll also find the gifts of your bloodline and those that you’ve hidden away… oftentimes, to create a personal sense of belonging or to help others feel that they are enough.

Natalia will show you how to unleash these gifts and relax into a greater sense of ease within yourself and the world by working with the wholeness of your spiritual heritage, while also releasing the unhelpful energies that remain activated within you.

You’ll explore the journey your ancestors took in the spirit world to become guardian spirits and trusted allies…