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Ancestral Healing: How to Resolve Ancestral Patterns and Honour Your Family History

By Natalia and Terry O’Sullivan

Now being published
in Germany

Ancestral healing is the process of revealing and releasing inherited wounds and traumas that have been passed down by our ancestors. Anyone researching their heritage will uncover both positive and negative issues that pass through the bloodlines from one generation to the next. Once we understand the effects our family has had on our wellbeing, we can find ways to heal their influences and celebrate their legacy.

Renowned Soul Rescuers Natalia and Terry O’Sullivan have distilled an array of practices, rituals, exercises and meditations to help you:

• Explore what ancestral healing is and how it can aid you
• Recognise how unresolved ancestral wounds have impacted your life
• Learn how to use rituals and practice exercises to honour and communicate with your ancestors
• Balance your physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing through healing the family wounds

The journey of ancestral healing is one of evolution and restoration. Each step, ritual and prayer will take you closer to the life your ancestors have dreamed for you.