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Ancestral Continuum: Unlock the Secrets of Who You Really Are

By Natalia and Nicola Graydon

Our ancestry influences more than just our physical characteristics – it can also have a profound effect on who we are as people. The success of TV shows like Who Do You Think You Are? has prompted a massive interest of people tracing their roots. But researching into our forebears’ lives can often unearth turbulent histories.

The past 250 years has seen more change and upheaval on a global scale than at any other point in history, and almost all families know of a recent ancestor whose life was turned upside down by war or migration. Discovering more about our forebears and identifying inherited traits can help us realise our potential and assist us in overcoming obstacles that may be holding us back. As we learn about our ancestors, we can reclaim who we are, discover our creativity and find our true soul path.

In this extraordinary book, readers will find out how to; heal their family histories, reveal inherited creative and inspirational gifts, discover their guardian ancestors, and learn from inspiring case studies of personal growth. The Ancestral Continuum will take each reader on a journey through the labyrinth of their own ancestral legacy. As we explore our family tree, we can begin to see ourselves as just one strand in a never-ending tapestry of history and emotion, personality and achievement, birth and death, that will continue into infinity. It is a powerful and revolutionary blueprint for transforming how we feel about ourselves.