We Are Soul Rescuers

Over the past 30 years Terry and Natalia O’Sullivan have been honing their skills as psychic practitioners.
Natalia’s unique brand of healing, therapy and bodywork and Terry’s vast wealth of
experience in psychic phenomenon, spirit release, land healing and ghosts & hauntings are drawn
together through Soul Rescuers.

I would like to thank everyone for your ongoing support throughout this year and we very much look forward to continuing to work with you in the coming year.

Spiritual Counselling

With Natalia O’Sullivan


This is a psychological based therapy with a touch of psychic inspiration to assist you to find solutions to general life dilemmas. Natalia combines modern psychological thinking, life coaching skills with ancient wisdom.
She has studied psychology and mastered various holistic arts drawing on ancient spiritual traditions with a contemporary approach.

All sessions, both online and in-person, can be recorded.

House Healing

With Terry O’Sullivan


Terry O’Sullivan whose specialist skill is releasing earthbound spirits and ghosts from properties and places has been asked to remedy issues with properties and land for over 40 years. His specialist skills are on how to determine the reasons why an issue exists that affects the well being and safety of the home or place of business.



Both in-person and online appointments are availible

Our Testimonials

Nicole Carmen-Davis

I met Natalia 5 years ago and am deeply grateful for the profoundly positive changes that working with her has created.
I’ve attended Natalia’s workshops, retreats and had one to one sessions.
Working with Natalia has enabled and empowered me to make great shifts in all aspects of my life, including on a soul level. During this time I’ve gone through loss, cancer and have become a mother.
I know that without Natalia and her teachings I would not be the person I am today.
I look back at the wounded soul that first met Natalia to who I am now, and the difference is nothing short of remarkable.
I am full of gratitude that Natalia and Terry came into my life.
I feel very blessed to continue to learn from them and work with them.

Catherine in Sussex.

When I first met Natalia in September 2019 it was like coming home.
Natalia has been an integral part of my growth over the past 2.5 years and the Soul rescuers community such a wonderful support.
The online workshops were a lifesaver during lockdown and I especially love Monday night mediations. Natalia says it like it is and
sees so deeply into the soul and patterns and is a true teacher.
I am so grateful for you Natalia, what a wonderful gift you are to this world.

Thank you

Best, Marilyn Michele, California, USA.

Through a close friend’s speaking of her extraordinary experiences with Natalia and Terry, I realized in a time of turmoil I would seek out Natalia’s council. Then and now, I found Natalia sees me, and discerns my lineage very clearly with whatever question I posture. She opens an honesty, a foundation for my reckoning(s.)  I found and continue to enjoy the field which opens between us which is rich, refreshing and nourishing. Living outside of England I was pleased when their retreats and classes became available online. Each course, or online retreat is full of juicy & informative study materials presented beautifully with great care.
I find the experiential dynamics afforded me within the course work is regenerative. It is as though I become cocooned. I safely became mush (in light and love) to regenerate, and depart with new wings. My metamorphic capacity has been well exercised within their services.

Derick from Chester

After every session I work with her, I know that I’ve been in the ring with a heavy weight boxer, I can feel battered and bruised, I will come away exhausted. However, I know without a shadow of doubt that I will have learnt things, which don’t manifest straight away, they start to bubble up from within after a short time. Lastly the overwhelming fact is that you know she has poured out her heart and soul to help her students and anyone coming away not knowing that she loves you hasn’t paid attention during the classes.

Katy Brown in Wales

In the last 12 years, Natalia has guided me firmly and sincerely through my spiritual development, allowing me to gain huge insights and knowledge of my soul’s journey. Her workshops, retreats and one-to-one sessions have always resulted in a profound shift in my awareness and healing on many levels, and have enabled me to look at sometimes very difficult issues whilst feeling completely safe and supported. Thank you, Natalia

Soul Rescuers
Practitioners’ Course

Taught by Terry and Natalia O’Sullivan


The Soul Rescuers course offers a comprehensive programme to teach all levels of students from professional healers and therapists to intuitive wellness practitioners and the spiritually curious on how Soul Rescuing skills can be added to a professional practice as well as for those who recognise that they have a gift to becoming practising soul rescuers.


Our next class

18th February


In-person at Jenner Hall

Sacred Healer Retreats

Sacred Healer retreats remind us to connect with nature and the natural world. To take time and space to discover who we are and to find new relationships, to transform old ones, create growth and vision in creative and professional directions.


Our Next Retreat

The Imbolc Festival






28th January – 1st February 2023

Mindful Monday

With Terry and Natalia O’Sullivan


A fabulous way to start the week, helping you create a spiritual and mental space. There is no need to have had prior experience of meditation; you only need good online access and a comfortable area for sitting or lying down so that your mind, body and emotions are able to relax.



This is an online class

The Sacred Wound as a Portal to Your Awakening

Embracing the Dark Night of the Soul

Online Global Conference from May 1st -5th, 2023

I’m delighted to be one of the featured speakers for this wisdom-filled event. The topic I will be speaking on is:

Unveiling the Gifts & Trauma of Our Feminine Lineage – Natalia O’Sullivan


Mending Your Family’s Tapestry

Mending Your Family’s Tapestry

Mending Your Family's Tapestry With the Co-Founder of Soul Rescuers & Co-Author of Ancestral Healing Made Easy Natalia O’Sullivan New 7-Week Live Video Training Starts Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Ancestral Healing Summit 2022

Ancestral Healing Summit 2022

2022 Catalyst, Issue 1 - Ancestral Healing Summit Ancestral Healing - Why It Matters... Why Now? By Natalia O’Sullivan...